Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo - Part 1 - Ordered

After crashing my 3 months old Wilier Blade around 20 mph into the side of a car, the pretty lady forgot that there was a bicycle path with some real-life bicycles and its owners, I was forced to look for a new bike. Better to look for a new bike than going for a body repair. I luckily escaped with 2 minor scratches landing on my bottom doing a dive roll over the car.

Doing some online research and with the help of my trusted bike advisors Triper4mance ( who had the opportunity to test the new models as Wilier dealer ) my attention was drawn to the Wilier Cento1Air which is a new model for 2014.

What's up.....

  • waiting for the delivery of my new Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo with the SRAM Force 22 group => Delivery date is end of August
  • Buying some accessories for this new bike with the appropriate color scheme ;) => watch my next posts on the Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo
  • Review of my new bike  => watch my next posts on the Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo
A nice youtube video on the new Wilier Cento1Air can be found here !

grtz from Belgium,


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Friday, 18 January 2013

Confession of Armstrong – 5 things to remember

Armstrong confesses 5 things

  • Greg LeMond is back in business with his Lemond Revolution
  • A new website is launched for the Lemond Revolution
  • A twitter account is for the Lemond Revolution is available
  • A facebook page is launched for the Lemond Revolution
  • The Lemond Revolution can be bought here

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Free Training plans for Garmin Devices

Garmin has updated the functionality of their connect platform by adding free training plans. These training plans include your every day workout which can be uploaded to your garmin device eg 910XT in order to obtain your goal.
For the moment only training plans for running (5km, half marathon, marathon) are available but a triathlon selection box is already there Smile.
Here you have the official announcement

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Monday, 7 January 2013

In-depth review of the new Garmin Edge 510 and 810

An in-depth review can be found here
Garmin Edge 510 : http://dcra.in/Edge510
Garmin Edge 810 : http://dcra.in/Edge810
All credits to Ray and his wonderfull site !
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