Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo - Part 1 - Ordered

After crashing my 3 months old Wilier Blade around 20 mph into the side of a car, the pretty lady forgot that there was a bicycle path with some real-life bicycles and its owners, I was forced to look for a new bike. Better to look for a new bike than going for a body repair. I luckily escaped with 2 minor scratches landing on my bottom doing a dive roll over the car.

Doing some online research and with the help of my trusted bike advisors Triper4mance ( who had the opportunity to test the new models as Wilier dealer ) my attention was drawn to the Wilier Cento1Air which is a new model for 2014.

What's up.....

  • waiting for the delivery of my new Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo with the SRAM Force 22 group => Delivery date is end of August
  • Buying some accessories for this new bike with the appropriate color scheme ;) => watch my next posts on the Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo
  • Review of my new bike  => watch my next posts on the Wilier Cento1Air Matt Fluo
A nice youtube video on the new Wilier Cento1Air can be found here !

grtz from Belgium,


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